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Dec 29, 2012 2:00pm PST
the wreckage from the crash site. russian president dmitry medvedev has ordered an investigation into the accident. >>> france's highest constitutional authority has struck down the centerpiece of the president's policy. the 75% tax rate was part of the socialist government's platform for bringing down the budget deficit. he came to power in may promising to levy the tax on those earning more than a million euros per year, $1.3 million. the tax would affect about 1500 high earners. the constitutional council which oversees all legislation it said the new law was not fair because it applies to individuals and not households. the french prime minister said the government would introduce a new version of the law. >> we will implement measures to respect the commitment of the president of the republic. it will take into account the rejection of the constitutional council and apply the 2013 incomes and will have to be voted. >>> in macedonia, thousands of protesters gathered outside of the headquarters of the right wing ruling party, demanded the prime minister's resignation. the rally is
Dec 30, 2012 5:30am PST
the wreckage from the crash site. the russian prime minister, dmitri medvedev has offered -- ordered an immediate investigation. >> out of africa has the highest number people living with hiv aids. 5.6 million people are living with hiv, more than two children have been orphaned. they have increased spending to $1.60 billion to tackle, the highest by any low or mid income country. they're worried about the stigma attached to h.i.v.-aids. >> it is still new in south dr. koop. she believes it is what more people want. it is free and available at every clinic and a hospital, but people do not want to go there so the government has teamed up with a charity group to provide testing in people's homes. >> it to be stiff. in line with someone i know and they will tell someone this on get tested. this is more private. >> those who do not mind going to the hospital sometimes find it difficult to get there. >> this family is one of many who are unemployed and the parents are struggling to feed their children. finding money to catch a bus and pay for the hospital is hard. someone's home testing
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2